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To ingrain sustainability standards and practices in the telecoms and technology sectors.


Champion national development by building sustainable and profitable telecoms and technology sectors.


The TTSWG is a collaborative effort aimed at yielding joint action among key telecommunications and technology stakeholders. Through various strategic partnerships, policy formulation/advocacy, events, and programmes, TTSWG seeks to address various national issues in Nigeria specifically to mobilise human and material capital available to stakeholders in the sector to ensure sustainable practices that benefit the sectors and the country at large.


Research & Advocacy

We support the commission of research studies about the industry and science of telecoms and technology and how they affect the industry with respect to the environment and social impact. These forms a basis for our advocacy efforts.


Capacity Development

The group organises trainings to up skill member organisations on emerging trends and best practices with sustainability and climate needs. In addition, the group shares relevant and develop proprietary tools, which members can utilise in their respective organisations.


Policy Formulation Support

Through a public-private dialogue series, the TTSWG engages relevant regulators, stakeholder groups and member clusters to ensure that useful input is made towards the formulation of policies that affect the telecommunications and technology sectors in Nigeria.


Resource Mobilization

We believe that as an industry, our various interventions can be better coordinated and mobilised to improve the socio-cultural conditions of many host communities. If feasible, members will unite behind TTSWG to collaborate on sustainable interventions that address specific challenges in Nigeria such as Health and Education.


A Compedium of Information and Communication Technology Policies and Framework in Nigeria

This publication is a step by the TTSWG towards achieving some of the recommendations from her last webinar themed 'Collaboration for a Resilient ICT Sector', spooling together a compilation of all publicly available ICT policies within Nigeria.


The member organisations will be expected to provide not more than 2 high- level members of staff as liaison, whose roles are within the Sustainability/CSR, Core Business or Regulatory functions. The liaison is expected to communicate activities of TTSWG to relevant authorities and people in the organisation for better leverage and involvement.

There are no financial commitments. However, group members will be required to voluntarily underwrite the costs of activities and support project implementation and hosting of meetings within organisational resources. The TTSWG interim secretariat develops a one-year financial plan, which is communicated to group members for consideration. This may change in the nearest future.

The TTSWG secretariat drives the operations and outcomes/ reports are presented to the advisory board and members during meetings and via the preferred communication channels periodically.

Benefits of joining the working group include:

  • Access to industry expertise on sustainability and CSR (to be supported by secretariat, where required)
  • Opportunity to partner with other sector players to achieve greater impact.
  • Access to peer learning and training opportunities on relevant sustainability topics.
  • Leverage collective industry research and data for sustainability outcomes.
  • Insight on innovative products and services possible from the space.
  • Amplify the member organisation’s sustainability/ CSR activities and their impact.

TTSWG recognises international guidelines and best practices and so, will work towards domesticating international standards and providing support to member organisations. The working group will not seek to reinvent the wheel rather it will domesticate these guidelines and where necessary, make additions to fit Nigeria as a primary market.